About Digitsy, Inc.

Founded in California in 2003, Digitsy Inc. provides wide range of software and services for businesses of all sizes.

In 2004 Digitsy, Inc. released set of Data Management, Security and Reliability tools for Microsoft® .Net platform. After being featured on the official Microsoft® ASP.NET web site Digitsy Web Controls gained popularity and high marks from software development community.

In April 2005 Digitsy Inc. has become a Registered Member of Microsoft® Partner Program.

During 2005 Digitsy Inc. introduced ReportPageSM Web Hosting Services - more than 30 related Internet services including Domain Names and Web Site Hosting, Web Site Builders, Email Services, SSL Certificates, Web Site Marketing and Productivity tools, as well as broad array of on-demand and other services.

In February 2006 Digitsy Inc. has expanded its set of ReportPageSM services with the ReportPage Document ServiceSM - Internet service allowing businesses to establish secure communications with their customers and to publish password-protected documents using secure customizable service in the cloud.

In March 2006 ReportPage Service Application has passed Microsoft® Platform Test for ISV Solutions. Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.

In April 2006 Digitsy Inc. was awarded FrontRunner Status from Microsoft Corp.

As a part of the Microsoft® SQL ServerTM 2005 Front Runner marketing benefits package, Digitsy, Inc. was listed in the July 2006 edition of VarBusiness magazine and the August 2006 edition of MSDN® Magazine.

In 2011 Digitsy Inc. consolidated its services under new Cloud Content Management umbrella. Set of unique technologies opens new ways of using cloud based services to augment existing functionality of enterprise systems. A new offer from Digitsy Inc - ElasticWCM - is a unique combination of on-premises software and cloud-based services allowing subscribers to add advanced Web Content Management functionality to Mobile Apps and ASP.NET web sites.